Classification of bearings.


There are at least 6 common classifications of bearings, each of which works differently:

1. Sliding bearings, consisting of a shaft that rotates in a hole. There are several specific styles: bushings, journal bearings, sleeve bearings, Rifle bearings, composite bearings;

2. Rolling element bearings, in which the rolling elements are placed between the rotating race and the fixed race to prevent sliding friction. There are two main types:

3. Ball bearings, in which the rolling elements are spherical balls;

4. Roller bearings, in which the rolling elements are cylindrical, conical and spherical rollers;

5. Gem bearing, a sliding bearing in which one bearing surface is made of super hard glass gem material, such as sapphire, to reduce friction and wear;

6. Fluid bearing, a non-contact bearing in which the load is supported by gas or liquid (ie, air bearing);

7. Magnetic bearings, where the load is supported by the magnetic field;

8. Bending bearings, where motion is supported by a bending load element.

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